Various events in and around Pandanus Park.

Spine Board Box Presentation at Laura.

In return for the support given to the veteran community of Pandanus Park by the Laura Township , Pandanus Park tries to do something in return. After talking to the medical clinic it became obvious that a box to carry the spine boards would be of  great benefit to the operators of the 4×4  ambulance, the boards are normally carried beside the stretcher, when a person is on the stretcher in rough conditions the boards could move and further damage the patient.
Pandanus Park raised funds, contacted an ex RAAF sheetmetal worker and ''THE BOX'' came into existence, at a small ceremony at the Laura Hall, with the township invited the box was presented. Just a little thank you for their support, Pandanus Park relies on Laura for, fuel, medical help, food, gas,  supplies from the hotel, police and national parks.


Jacks Creek BBQ
One of the many BBQ's held in Jacks Creek in 2015.

Plaque Presentation

A plaque was presented to Pandanus  Park by the President of ''THE BIG RED ONE'' infantry battalion from the U.S.A. Mr Dan Viña on 18th August 2015 and is now proudly displayed on our memorial. This is a symbol of the relationship between the Australians and the American soldiers forged in battle and will never be torn down by any government .

Auction Day 2015

Auction Day came about at the RAP one afternoon, and was adopted as a money raiser for Pandanus Park. Although we say it is free camping, it does cost something to run the show, printing, web master, trips to the TO'S  if required, purchase of stock and so on.
People bring in an item or two to donate to the auction, no reserve, it is sold  and coffers go to Pandanus Park funds. Prior to their trip some people get donations of goods, fishing rods, line, vouchers, clothing [like fishing shirts ], hats, camping gear, solar lighting, lures,  anything you feel comfortable to donate and are capable of carting all that way .
It turns out to be a fun afternoon and who knows you may find a bargain.

Poker Run
A fun event for everyone, the annual Poker Run, followed by a bush BBQ.


Ladies Day

Sometime in August,  our ladies gather to have a man free afternoon, ''LADIES DAY''. They are dropped off to a camp somewhere in the camping area and just have a girlie arvo,  a few hours normally, they need it by now as they have been in the bush a long time without the normal things in life around them. Enjoying good food, a few drinks and a heap of giggles and a good time is had by all.
The men migrate to the RAP in  the afternoon,   a couple of hours later the UHF radio crackles into life signaling the end of the girls day and they are ready to be picked up and as night falls all head back to their own camps.
And what tomorrow ??? …lets do something different… a BBQ at Jacks Creek, fishing, walking, it's another day and you are in Pandanus Park, how cool is that!

Photos coming soon.