When you plan to do that CAPE TRIP consider your base camp or a stepping stone camp to be PANDANUS PARK veterans retreat. CENTRALLY located on the cape near Kalpowar Crossing , gateway to the north…..adventure awaits!


To the north is Cape York and all it's exploring. Lakefield NP, Hann River, Kennedy River, Annie River back on the PRD (peninsula development road), Pormpuraaw could be in your sights. Coen and Port Stewart on to the Archer river road house. About 50 k's north the road splits, left to Weipa, right the Telegraph Road , ''WOW'' now you are out there!

Great fishing around Weipa and surrounds, back through Batavia Downs to the Telegraph Road and north again, Moreton Telegraph Station, Bramwell Junction, and on to the famous ''GUN SHOT '' an evil crossing that has claimed many a vehicle. There is a bypass for the faint hearted, you rattle on endless corrigations till the Jardine River, crossing by barge on to Bamaga and on the beach at Seisa, gate way to Thursday Island, that was the quickest trip to the cape in all time.

Now north east….. across the Kalpowar Crossing , past the homestead on the made road, approx. 40 ks' up the road you come to Barramundi Bridge, it was a few logs across the river which you had to straddle , on crossing you have a choice  right to Cape Melville NP ,left to Bathurst Bay a slow and  demanding trip especially if it is a late wet.

Cape Mellville NP is a beaut spot but like all good camping spots today it can be slow and stressfull on man and machine but lovely on arrival.

Bathurst Bay is a small beach camp site facing due east , sit and watch the sun set over the ocean  on the coast of Queensland , something special.

Now south….. south of Kalpowar xing you have all the lower end of Lakefield NP , new Laura Ranger Station ,there is a Telstra  hot spot there  , Mick Finn waterhole , cat fish waterhole , 6 mile , Old faifhfull, Old laura Homestead and on to Laura a small town but VERY important to PANDANUS PARK, it is our life blood. Mail, food  at Harold's General Store, Stumpy's Quinkin Hotel plus remote area nursing and Doctor and police including an air strip.

Now we will go east, at the end of the Lakefield road you can turn right to Laura or left to Cooktown via the Battle Camp Road. Cooktown is a beautifuf and histiric town, worth a visit, and you can catch fish off the town pier….Barramundi and Mackerel –  WARNING – CROCODILES ''DO'' EXIST IN ALL WATERWAYS''

Further south lies Lakelands, fuel roadhouse, coffee shop and a hotel. Moving on to Palmer River road house then a little further to Whites road to the old gold field area….. worth a look old mining ruins.

Have  a great trip and enjoy our diverse area!