Don’t forget the auction!!   

Juist a friendly reminder to bring along your prizes for our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Proceeds from this go towards the effective operation of our association which costs around $4,000.00 each year – Public liability insurance, registration fees, lease etc.

Suggested items:- something donated by you for the cause , could be a BCF voucher , camping gear , fishing gear , a bottle of rum or other alcohol,  homemade sauces or condiments, super cheap auto voucher , nothing too big as you have to cart it in and someone else has to fit it in to go home or continue traveling , military gear , nothing dangerous e.g. flares/ ammo/smoke etc

Many thanks  and see you there


Pandanus Publicity

Welcome To Pandanus Park
A bush camping retreat for Veterans of the Australian Defence Force - Cape York Peninsula - Queensland
Cataflaque Party Vietnam Veterans Day 2021
A very solemn moment for all Veterans
Cataflaque Party Vietnam Veterans Day 2021
Cataflaque party dismount
Bush BBQ
Jacks Creek
Plaque from 1st INFANTARY USA
Plaque presented to Pandanus Park for our Memorial
Making Mates
American Visitor enjoying comradery at Pandanus
Spine Board presented to Laura Clinic
One of the many projects of Pandanus Park members for the Laura community
Vietnam Veterans Day
Those who attended Vietnam Veterans Day Ceremony 2016
Normanby River
Pandanus Park War Veterans Retreat is situated on the northern bank of the Normanby River near Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park, Cape York, Queensland. It is a place of healing and a place of mateship for all Veterans of the Australian Defence Forces. Relax in a bush camping retreat along the banks of the Normanby River, enjoy the great Australian bush in it’s own natural splendor. Only open to Veterans of the Australian defence forces and their immediate families, it offers a unique enviroment for healing, relaxation and mateship. Peace after War.
Pandanus Park was established predominantly for Vietnam Veterans However the Committee recognized that through the goodwill of the Traditional Owners of Kalpowar Station Australian Defence Force VETERANS from all conflicts are welcome. The Official Website of Pandanus Park Incorporated Incorporation number IA 34763

PANDANUS PARK IS NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC – For information on who can attend Pandanus Park please contact the President ( or follow the link below