Thanks to all veterans,families and guests who attended Pandanus Park in 2021.

In spite of the lack of Barramundi  this year was was again a very friendly and productive.  We must give a special thank you to everybody who contributed by donating auction items and/or emptying your wallets to make the auction our best to date.  2021 auction made $5000.00 to put towards future projects for the Laura community.

Again this year our numbers were swelled by some of the younger veterans who are the ones that will continue with the expansion and development of Pandanus Park. It is very comforting to know that the future for Pandanus Park is in capable hands.

Our Memorial ceremony this year has raised the bar to a new height and our appreciation goes to the members of 51 FNQR. for the catafalque, and flag parties.  The dignity of our Memorial service was enhanced by their dedication and adherence to the protocols of such an event.   I’m sure there were many watery eyes and swelled chests as a result of their presence.

All of the organised events for the year contributed to the fun and mateship. We had the pleasure of a recital from Sally Davies-Griffith, the cellist on her return from a tour in the North. It is a rate event to be wooed by a musician of Sallys talent.

The new lease is in the pipeline and we do expect it to be signed and registered before Anzac Day 2022.